Editing Services

Free Sample Edit
 Manuscript Critique

My professional critique service is a manuscript appraisal that aims to give you an affordable, clear and full assessment of your work.

Although not a comprehensive edit I will touch on all aspects of editing. You will receive advice on structure, characters, plot and style. I will also let you know any areas that need improving and offer guidance on how to improve them.

The service includes chapter by chapter notes as well as general notes on the manuscript. This is in the form of a report with actionable steps for you to follow.

This is perfect for those who aren’t sure which kind of editing they need, are struggling to get feedback or just want professional eyes on the manuscript without paying for a full edit.

I may be able to provide a critique of your work while otherwise ‘booked’ for other editing services. Please contact me to enquire.

 Developmental Edit

The story (or structural) edit is recommended before a line edit or proofread. The focus is on the big picture, main components of your story. Namely: the structure, plot and characters.

First we look at your story as a whole, assessing the order of your scenes and chapters as well as the structure of the individual scenes and chapters. You’ll also be guided on any scenes that need changing, deleting or adding. This is to give your story maximum impact and to make it as enjoyable as possible for the reader.

The edit will also focus on the development of your characters. We’ll be looking to make sure they are consistent and fully developed throughout the story. At the same time attention will be paid to their motivations, individual voices and consistency.

The end result should be an exciting and powerful story with page popping, unforgettable characters that your readers will love.

 Copy Edit

A line edit assumes you are satisfied with your story in general terms so doesn’t focus on the structure, plot or characters. Instead, we look at the paragraph, sentence and word choice.

I’ll be looking at the flow of your story, the structure of your paragraphs and sentences, wordiness, repetition, style consistency, congruity, choice of words, overused words and also consistency in the details of your story and characters. While staying true to your voice and your style, I’ll be making your prose clear and succinct.

The purpose of the line edit is to take your story to the next level by refining and smoothing. It’s all about readability and making something good into something excellent.


Proofreading is a crucial part of the writing process and usually occurs when your work is at final draft stage.

When I proofread your book I will go through it with a fine tooth comb, hunting for any and all errors. I’ll be looking for typos, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes and grammar issues.

I’ll also be checking for inconsistencies in style and formatting such as with bullet points, heading sizes, numbers and spacing.

This is generally the last edit before publication and ensures your work is polished to a high standard.

Free Sample Edit

I am always happy to provide a free sample edit of around 1000 words before we begin.



I can usually complete any of the above editing services within one to two weeks. However, this obviously depends on the size of your manuscript and my current workload.


Book Your Slot

To ensure you meet your production schedule I offer the option to book an editing slot in advance. To do this I just need to know the editing service you require, the approximate word count of your book and your chosen date for completion.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me.

“He has not just improved my work but he’s made it shine. He’s helped make my characters better and more distinguished. He’s improved the flow of the stories and has contributed to jokes. He’s funny and talented. I thoroughly recommend Michael to any author who is lucky enough to work with him.”

Samantha Hollins. Author of The Sunshine Home Series