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If you’d like me to provide a free sample edit of your work, please fill out the form below—or email me at—with your attached document and let me know what kind of editing you’re interested in.

Please also tell me a little about your book, the expected number of words and your planned publication date (if relevant).

Microsoft Word is the preferred format, though I can accept most major formats.

I usually provide a sample edit of around 1000 words. Though you can include more than this if you like – to give me more of an idea of the story.

The sample edit will normally take 2 or 3 days.

I look forward to receiving your work.

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“Absolutely professional. Firm, fair and critical but not harsh in his appraisal of my work. I felt he really cared about my story as he walked me through what could be improved and how.” 

Samantha Ford – A Gathering of Dust